Val’s 1st blog

Hello Everyone!

So I am being forced to write this blog and to be quite honest, I am not sure where or how to begin. My co-worker Michael has -for the last month- been pressuring me to write a blog post and after being blackmailed on Facebook, I am now writing. Thank you Michael.

So I should probably start off by introducing myself: my name is Valeria, I work in the Foster and Kinship Care Department at Los Angeles Mission College which is located in Sylmar, California.

Basically, I’m an eighteen year old kid who lives in the Valley, dreams of joining the Peace Corps and traveling to help the children of third world countries, in particular kids in Romania (I’m not Romanian nor have I ever traveled there, but I have this unexplainable desire to go to Romania and help)…or Russia ( I have unexplainable thing for Russia too. Not Russian and have never been there; although once, for 9th grade geography class, I did a group project on Russia)or somewhere in Latin America where I will be forced to put my High School Spanish class skills to the ULTIMATE test and fail miserably.

Which brings me to my current job: working for the Foster and Kinship Care Education Department in LAMC. To be one hundred percent honest, at first I did not really understand what foster or kinship care was or how a mere 17 year old “Valley Girl” could help. But after working in the department for a year, I have grown to understand the desperate need to inform and spread the word of Foster/Kinship care and that anyone can make a difference -even a now 18 year old “Valley Girl”.

Working for the FKCE Department has fostered my¬†burning desire to help people who have lead difficult lives, and has allowed me to want to strive in all that I could to bring awareness and support to the youth who find themselves in our foster/probation system; ultimately, inspiring others to become active in reforming the system for today’s youth who -let me remind you- will be tomorrow’s future tax-payers whom will keep you all nice and comfy in your retirement homes =]. And don’t we all want to be nice and comfy living in Florida? I sure do.

So lets make a difference in our foster and probation youth’s lives, people!

So as the Great Philosopher Tigger once said “Well, I gotta go now. I’ve got a lotta bouncin’ to do! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! T-T-F-N: ta-ta for now!”,